Simple organizing tips for your home


Is there anything else in the world better than sleeping in between a freshly washed and pressed pair of sheets? Chocolate fudge cake maybe?…. Still debating. Anyway…I wish there was a product that could be sprayed on beddings to keep them smelling like they have been freshly stay-softed, and ironed. It would save me the trouble of changing my sheets every two to three days.  My girlfriends think I’m a bit insane. But the heart just loves what it loves. 

Do you know what else I love? Walking into my place and everything is in its place. I like for everything to literally be at 90 degrees, smelling good, looking clean and fresh. I mean, who wants to go home to clutter, dirty dishes, clothes everywhere, smelly surroundings, and all? No one right. Or at least I don’t…

I’m not an extreme neat freak, but I personally feel like the sight of dirt and clutter would add to my exhaustion. Like where do you even start when you have to walk into a space like that after a long day of work?  Anyway, I think getting space in order is a struggle for so many people, so maybe I can give some organization tips that work for me.

Everything should have a home.

Everything you own should have a particular place where it is placed. This makes life so easy like you can’t imagine. For instance, when I’m out in the streets or in a store and I see something that I like, I first think of where it will live in my space. If it doesn’t have a place I don’t purchase it. Why?  Because I will go crazy the next morning thinking of where I’ll put it. I mean, who is leaving the house with things hanging out everywhere?

Set a date for thorough cleaning

I take time every morning to clean my space. i.e clean the dishes, make my bed, clear the table, sweep or probably wipe my floor, lightly clean the carpet, fluff the pillows and cushions, straighten the arrangement of my hangers, empty my bin and all. I also do this in the evening before I go to bed, so that I don’t wake up to disaster. But I also have a cleaning date every week where I get my laundry done and clean those corners which can’t be cleaned on a daily basis. But because I clean every day, my thorough cleaning day is not so overwhelming.

Get rid of excess stuff

Stuff is just stuff. I don’t believe in hoarding at all. Clothes that aren’t worn or don’t fit need to go to charity. Saidia mtu mwingine. Unused furniture needs to go.  Excess stuff isn’t such a cool look to the space. Kama haina kazi it just has to go. Plus it is a lot easier to organize your space, if there isn’t too much stuff in it. I like nice uncluttered, clean cut spaces. Neat homes are kind of cool.

Return stuff to their place

Make sure everything is put back to their space after use. For instance after doing laundry, fold or hang the stuff into their respective places instead of just letting them lay there on surfaces, or in laundry baskets. Let shoes stay where shoes are supposed to stay. Let bags stay where they are meant to stay. Let your stationery stay in their respective pencil cases or holders.  You get the drift. That’s why point one (everything should have a home) is so important.

Minimize the amount of stuff on your surfaces

Try and utilize storage space as much as possible. Let counters and table tops stay as clear as possible. Also make sure the counters are always clean and dry.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Have a lovely, organized week ahead.

Thank you Jonathan Mwanzia for the post’s illustration.

abby osidiana