What I Think Of Being Blessed


I think,

That we all ought to have the chance to look at ourselves through the eyes of another,

To see the very beautiful or not so pretty traits, that we carry with us each and every day.

I think,

That if we look at ourselves as honestly as we can,

We will slow down and invest in ourselves, in others, in God; and in living a fuller, happier life.

I think

That being blessed is often looked at from one perspective,

Of financial muscle, fame and material wealth.

However, I think,

That we are all not all destined to be rich/famous, but bound to be wealthy in one way or other,

Through our families, friends, health, and in peace of mind.

My heart breaks

For individuals maimed with misfortune,

But I think that Sometimes God sends us that misfortune just in time, to keep us from death.

With this I think

That sometimes blessings thrive in silence, and that they manifest themselves in the most “unblessed” forms,

To  keep us grounded, make us more alive, more aware, and more thankful.


Does being blessed, make you more arrogant, reckless, and unavailable?

If so, perhaps forced humility is Gods greatest blessing for you.


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