Of failing, and not showing up



You don’t know how to be kind.

You exude traits of selfishness and unreliability.

You can’t do the simplest of things that matter,

The little things that transcend vain words.


You don’t know, not because you were born like that,

But because it’s a vicious circle.

You bumped into people who were selfish and unreliable.

You met people who were unkind.


And because you chose to embark on a journey of understanding,

You became numb,

You became less questioning,

You became less Naggy,

You became less annoyed.


But these things devoured your soul,

And you began being that pillar of disappointment as well.


You see,

No amount of understanding,

No amount of love,

And no amount of selflessness from your end,

Will change their Active. Choice. To fail you.

Because failing, is a choice.

Failing you is a choice.


When it all seems bleak,

You will meet people.

Amazing people who will melt your heart with kindness.

People who will surprise you with the sheer magnitude of their selflessness.

People who don’t know what walking out is,

Even when you deserve every footstep walking away from you.


These People will love you unconditionally,

From the tips of your toes straight to your undeserving soul.

They will give you so much,

So much that your own selfish heart masters the art of kindness again.


Sometimes, these people already existed,

Sometimes they just show up when you need it the most.


You will then make an active choice to walk with the hearts of those who never fail you.

Not because you know which paths are best to walk through with them,

Not because you are a perfect being, who has it all figured out,

But because you understand that “showing up” in the simplest of ways,

Depicts your active choice not to fail them.


Mostly, you will choose to walk with them,

Because you know you owe it to them,

And to yourself,

To show up, as relentlessly as they have shown up for you.



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