GRAFFITI and other funny shit


The other day i went to a certain washroom on campus and I came across some epic writing on the door. Before I can get into what I read, I’m just wondering how you walked into a loo with a pen and actually used it.  You. Write. On.  Doors. Yaani education did absolutely nothing for your life. Anyway,  I take the time to read this bla bla. Mainly because it is just in my face and I have no choice.

“The last time I shitted there, that shit got stuck, I nearly fainted”.

“Don’t just sit there, close your eyes. Concentrate”.

Right now, I’m not pissed off anymore. Nigger you are so funny, me and you can be good friends. Kama ni wewe, nitafute tujuane.

So this morning, I’m looking for an avocado for part of my breakfast right? I go to this stall where I find some kid selling perhaps on behalf of their parent or something. I pick out one nice green one and ask how much it costs. He mentions a ridiculous price, and like the die-hard Kenyan that I am, I’m like that bei for that size ni kugongwa. So he says to me, “aunty si ni kubwa” and I’m like hapana. Then he says, ni kubwa, hata inatoshana na wewe. I just paid and walked away. Every tiny woman knows that he was not emphasizing on the massive size of the avocado. No. he was emphasizing on how tiny I am. I know I’m tiny and I love it. lakini seriously, a comparison to that tiny ass avocado I saw? Hahaha enyewe I must really look small.

On other matters…
Check out this cool spray paint art.


Isn’t this one of the coolest street art you have seen in Nairobi? You see where the mouth is? That is a drainage system. And it actually is functional. I think that is why I like it so much. Seriously, this thing is dope. Perfect imperfection.

The first time I saw it, I actually chucked the jav I was in; to take a close-up pic of it.  This painting is right next to integrity center btw; if you want to go take a look. I wonder who did this and how much more cool street art there is in this city. Maybe I will spend a bit more of my free time hunting for these timeless pieces.

abby osidiana


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