writing that changes your life

Illustration credits to Jonathan Mwanzia

It is insane how different your life is from the person seated right next to you. You may have the: same colors of skin, same parents, live in the same country, earn the same amount of money, BUT, you cannot believe how far apart your realities are.

I try to let myself into other people’s worlds through their blogs, looking forward to seeing a new perspective different from mine. And every so often, I come across such great pieces. Pieces written with such sincerity and finesse, that my heart just wants to either shutter with heartbreak or explode with joy.

I know how scary it may be to publish the chronicles of your life, to a merciless world with different personalities. For some, the message hits home; the readers: understand, empathize, appreciate, and relate to these stories. For others, it’s a joke; an opportunity to make mockery of these tales, despite their severity. But still, numerous writers; armatures and professionals, take the risk of disclosing details so personal to them so as to enlighten a person or two.

In my free time I sit in silence, lost in this little world of words. And I devour every sentence, letting every word marinate deep within the most private parts of my soul. As time flies by, I notice that these words resonate. And I realize that these weren’t just pieces of writing. These words change my life.

So thank you to all writers and bloggers who take the time to share the world through your unique set of eyes. Thank you for exposing my soul to such: enlightening, smile-making, soul-soothing, gut-wrenching, and mind-boggling stories so personal and sincere.  I hope that I too can grow in big leaps, so that my work can make an impact in someone’s life in such magnitudes that yours make in mine.

Here is a list of 11 posts I hope you will fall in love with at first read. They are not only interesting and enlightening, but also very comforting and inspirational. I have categorized them by the message that I felt they spoke about. A special thank you goes out to the bloggers/writers whose wonderful pieces I have included in the categories below.


Of writers with a great sense of humour
The pool guy – http://www.bikozulu.co.ke/the-pool-guy/

Of alcohol and substance abuse
Give a man a Hand – http://www.bikozulu.co.ke/give-a-man-a-hand/

Of food and humorous sarcasm
I’d rather not be so popular. It couldn’t be my chicken and pancetta pie, could it? – http://wp.me/p1NUXa-1yx

Of unhealthy relationships
If it smells it ain’t good – https://offoodlifeandlove.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/if-it-smells-it-aint-good/

Of loved ones with mental health problems
A Little Improv Can Go a Long Way with Dementia – http://wp.me/p2YzZa-h

Of love
What I Did For Love – http://wp.me/p5e92X-x

Of heartbreak
My daughter – https://okasungorasaidwithswag.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/my-daughter-there-will-be-days-like-these-by-purity-sowayi/

Of depression and support
You don’t need empathy to support a depressed person – http://wp.me/p3UfZ9-nm

Of children and personal capability
Growth mindset: it’s not just for Christmas – http://wp.me/p43kJZ-m4

Of bullies
Of bullies and low self-esteem – https://offoodlifeandlove.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/of-bullies-and-low-self-esteem/

Of selfies and social media platforms
An Open Letter To All Of My Friends Who Take Selfies – http://wp.me/p2snhO-19y

I hope the read list above was enjoyable to you!! Cheers, and have a lovely week.

#sharing is caring

abby osidiana


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