Of bullies and low self esteem

The emotional well-being of our children, siblings, nieces and nephews can easily be shaken by bullies; who make them feel less than they deserve to feel. Let us spread awareness on bullying, and fight so as to put an end to these horrendous acts. Let us strive to reinforce the self-worth of our loved ones, and also encourage them to speak up when such inequities happen to them. Most importantly, lets not only listen but let us act as well.
Spread the word, cheers and have a lovely week ahead.
yours truly
abby osidiana

Of Food, Life and Love


Millions of individuals get bullied every year. As much as the popular cases of bullying are  known to occur in schools, bullying also takes form among adults. I have never been bullied, and I thank God for that. But I guess someone somewhere, has had this experience at one point in their life.

The emotions that come with being a victim to such atrocious acts in its various forms are clearly not so pretty. But that, we already know. Right now, I’m trying to understand the other side of the coin; where the bully feels like they dominate.

I bet there is a little stupid worm in their head that goes “buhahahahahaaaa, i’m better than you, you little victim of mine”. But when we get to the true bottom of this, you learn that bullies have bigger emotional issues than you can probably imagine. Their acts can be attributed to:…

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