Of bullies and low self esteem


Millions of individuals get bullied every year. As much as the popular cases of bullying are  known to occur in schools, bullying also takes form among adults. I have never been bullied, and I thank God for that. But I guess someone somewhere, has had this experience at one point in their life.

The emotions that come with being a victim to such atrocious acts in its various forms are clearly not so pretty. But that, we already know. Right now, I’m trying to understand the other side of the coin; where the bully feels like they dominate.

I bet there is a little stupid worm in their head that goes “buhahahahahaaaa, i’m better than you, you little victim of mine”. But when we get to the true bottom of this, you learn that bullies have bigger emotional issues than you can probably imagine. Their acts can be attributed to: the need to display dominance and control, their inability to manage their anger and emotions, the psychotic need to derive pleasure out of watching people crumble in pain, and also due to a history of abuse, bullying and emotional neglect at a point in their life. In my opinion, these aren’t excuses valid enough to torment another human being, but hey, it does seem valid enough to them right?

So my dear bully, as you sit on your high horse and make useless attempts to break me, let’s just get some things straight. First of all, you are not better than me. I just don’t retaliate to your low acts of unkindness because I have a lot more constructive things to do with my time. Secondly, I have mastered the art of killing with kindness, which quite frankly has paid off in more ways than one. Thirdly, I am a lot happier than you because I have more meaningful relationships with people than you ever could with that kind of attitude. And by the way, I am ten times comfortable with being myself than you could ever be with all the money, style, good looks or crowds that you hide behind.

Quite frankly at this point I could barely care about how opinionated you are about my face, my accent, my body size, my legs, my hair, my physical structure or the way I dress. I have a breath-taking ensemble of confidence, intellect and mind blowing capacities of love for self. So, the next time you feel like you need to boost your self- esteem by trying to put me down, go check yourself.



NB: the images used to illustrate are from the internet.


4 thoughts on “Of bullies and low self esteem

  1. Reblogged this on Of Food, Life and Love and commented:

    The emotional well being of our children, siblings, nieces and nephews can easily be sjaken by bullies . lets spread awareness on bullying, and fight to put an end to these horrendous acts. let us encourage our lovedvones to speak up when such inequities happen to them but lets not only listen, let us act as well.
    yours truly,
    abby osidiana


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