Were you raised by a mango tree?


Have you ever met someone who did or said something so questionable that you barely react? You instead stare wondering who the hell raised this ill-mannered individual. It is even worse when it is an adult who clearly should know better. So instead of giving them a WELL DESERVED INAPPROPRIATE response you just stare in silence wondering “seriously, were you raised by a mango tree?”

You know, the older i get, the more i realize how little things like decency have an immense impact on your life. I realize that this word “decency” may not necessarily have the same meaning to all of us. But my understanding of it can be separated into three:

1) The ability to apply basic norms of courtesy such as  frequently using the words sorry, please and thank you.

2) Dressing appropriately….i mean cute, neat, presentable and chic. Finding your own appropriate way of dressing to show your character and personality within the confines of decency. But again, decency is relative right? I mean, dressing to the occasion. For instance, the way you dress to the beach and the way you dress to the office, or a hike would be completely different. if its the beach for instance, rock the hell out of that sexy bikini. In the office however….I guess you get the drift.The confines of decency would vary depending on the occasion.

3) Your state of mind i.e remaining humble and grounded. How you treat others goes a long way in portraying your maturity. After all, there is nothing you lose by being a decent human being, or is there?

The ethos that prevails today is that being nice and decent may not really be a necessity. Success and money drives us so insane that every other important aspect fly right out the window. I however feel that whether we like it or not, we live in society and we need others.

By the way, there are some perks to being nice, decent and polite.
1) It makes and you a lot more productive.
2) It makes others around you more productive and makes you less repulsive
3) It allows you to adapt to diverse environments.

I know a healthy dose of bile once in a while can be nice, effective even. And im not saying that the whole world should be overly nice. That is impossible. In fact if we were all overly nice, it would be a boring reality.

I’m just saying understand the fundamental rules of niceness, decency  and courteousness. Additionally, learn to choose your battles wisely so as to make fewer enemies along the course of life. Also, always remember to dress the part and you know, remain humble and grounded.

I asked a couple of people what they understood if someone told them to be decent. And here is what they think being decent means.

….I think it revolves around neatness,smartness and maturity. The way you look, to the way you think…

…being presentable in public…

…to behave appropriately …

… to be conservative…

…not being vulgar…

…not too flashy…

…morally acceptable…

…cover yourself…

…being in a state that makes everyone around you comfortable…

…to look modest and presentable…

Here is an interesting quote I found online: images_66
Whatever the word means to you, let us try to be decent this year.

All the best loves, and have a fruitful week.



One thought on “Were you raised by a mango tree?

  1. This has either openned up my eyes or relived earlier memories on stuff i hav heard about decency. The good thing with it is, somehow i can now apply that knowledge in wisdom. Am being nice here! Thanks …(at least i wasnt raised by a mango tree- i only know it cz av said thanks- oh and again)


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