Today i am feeling quite chill. I have no work deadlines , no school projects; just ample time for me to do whatever i want.

So all morning, i have been browsing the net, reading blog posts and checking whats going on on social media. I am looking at the updates by my friends from
primary, high school and campus. And I have realized three major things in common with a majority of them.

Okay, let me just ask. Did i not get this memo that clearly went around? At least i got the “ you need to graduate soon memo”. What happened to the other two memos?
Perhaps the delivery guy got hit by a car.
Honestly I think time is either moving too fast or i am just too damn slow.

so yeah, click, click …next site.. click click click…….

Right about now, the idea of a chocolate cupcake with lots of frosting is seducing its way into my head. I am making strong attempts to shake it off but it ain’t working loves. So i guess today I should make some to kill my craving.

That sounds like a plan.
So now I’m in the kitchen, and for the best results i will use my secret recipe.
Here is what the process looks like


I’ve mixed all the dry ingredients together, and mixed all the wet ingredients together.
I know you have noticed a glass of red wine. That wont go into the cake, that’s for me to indulge in .

So I’ve mixed the wet and dry ingredients


Now i’ve greased the baking tins, and lined them with cupcake wrappers


I’ve filled in the mixture


I’ve baked them for fifteen minutes and placed them on the rack to cool off


I’ve frosted them and taken a greedy fork-full


I must say they were amazing.

They smell good, they taste great, and they are as moist and spongy as i like it.

So yeah, i guess i deserve a pat on the back.

And NO, you are not invited.



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