So, today was kind of weird.
No. Perhaps exhausting would be the appropriate word to use.
Packing is one of the things I hate to do the most. But it reaches that time of the semester when it can’t be avoided.
We spend so much time and money to make our environs comfortable and cozy, just to be forced to stuff them all in a bag at the end of every semester.
Like me, most of you are procrastinating the whole packing process. But it hits you that you need to get the hell out when you see notices stuck all over, informing you of the exact time when you need to vacate the premises.

The whole process is more annoying when you are a student who lives in a whole other city, far away from school. You are frustrated that yet again, you have to ask someone that you really don’t know to store your stuff for at least four months at their house.

So it’s the last minute, you are in a frenzy trying to organize and fit everything you have in all the storage you can possibly get. ln your head, you swear not to have so much stuff ever again.
But will that really work?
NO?………… okay.
So you are basically in a fight with your suitcases.
You have to literally sit on it, or ask your neighbor to stand on it for the zippers to close. Stuffed to a point that the bags get marred, you are finally done.


Now you are more calm and more receptive to the idea of doing this all over again next semester. And you have accepted that  the packing struggles are part of the whole student experience.
So to all students who are either struggling to fit all their crap into annoying bags, or trying to get last minutes tickets for their travel back home:
All the best with that,
Keep on keeping on,

And have a happy holiday.



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