MY COMPILED BUCKET LIST- to complete by december 2015

Thanks to suggestions from friends and family, the internet, and ideas of my own, i have finally completed my bucket list. I aim to complete it before the end of 2015.

1. Write and record a song
2. Perfect my guitar playing skills
3. Camp outside
4. Make home made ice cream
5. Go bungee jumping
6. Go-cart racing
7. Go paragliding
8. Eat a whole pizza alone
9. Go ice skating
10.Make an ugali- chapati sandwich and eat it
11. Climb a mountain
12. Identify random people you think have a story about themselves, approach them, have a chat, take just one photo of them then send it to them after three months. Its a good way to make friends
13. Go fishing
14. Go deep-see diving
15. Have dinner all dressed up at Kempinsky
16. Eat 3kgs of junk in one day
17. Do something
drastic with my hair….e.g change hair color or length or go natural

18. Make a large art piece
19. Learn how to use chopsticks
20. Stay awake for 24 hours
21. Take a trip to a place i have never been before
22. Boat racing
23. Try speed dating / go on a blind date
24. Road trip
25. Make 200 cupcakes in a day
26. Learn to strip dance
27. Learn a new language
28. Run a marathon
29. Go horse back riding
30. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
31. Make a difference in someones life
32. Start a business
33. Fly in a hot air balloon
34. Learn basic sign language
35. Be a waiter for a day, just for the experience
36. Go on a cruise
37. Design my dream home
38. Get a pet
39. Read a book on a subject I have never thought of reading
40. Fly a kite
41. Try being a vegeterian for a month
42. Fold 1,000 origami cranes and give them to someone special
43. Find a career i enjoy
44. Organize a picnic outing
45. Hit bulls eye on a dartboard
46. Ride a roller coaster
47. Get one million views for my blog
48. Move out
49. Learn to drive a car
50. Go paint balling

As i promised, i will post photos of myself taking part in the items on the list. So i hope you will enjoy my one year journey as much as i intend to !!!


12 thoughts on “MY COMPILED BUCKET LIST- to complete by december 2015

  1. Abby I must say,this is the first time am visiting your blog and I love love it…..i have read every post so that you know😊…..keep on the good work and success with your bucket list….you’ve included everything I could have thought of including in mine😉

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  2. Hey Abby, I volunteer in recording a song for you,help you stay awake all day,though I think it wud be much more interesting if you made it 48 hours and teach you how to drive..

    Liked by 1 person

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