MY BUCKET LIST- with your help

bucket list
The other day i sat and wondered if i actually am living. We tend to think that living means: waking up each day, following through a routine,and getting things done. So today in the attempt of exposing myself to an enormous realm of possibilities, I have come up with a little mini-project that i should complete by the end of December 2015. My bucket list.

Ordinarily, i would quickly scribble what i would like to do. I however want to tackle this with a different approach by asking for a little help with this. I want to ask my friends, my family, strangers, and you the reader to suggest to me an out of the box item or two from your bucket list. I basically want to borrow your interesting ideas and create a list of 50 items for myself.

A month from now, i will have a fully compiled list. Soon after, i will make attempts on two items on the list each month, and post photos of myself taking part in them. If you are interested in taking this journey with me, feel free to follow my blog and most importantly, feel free to leave a suggestion at the comment section. Please keep in mind that the theme is “living a little”, so be imaginative, crazy and creative!


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