For the longest time, your emotions wallow on a high,
Then life happens and in a split second, your perfect little bubble explodes.

You realize that you’ve lost all sense of who you are,
And you have questions that no one can really answer.

You start to feel like you are losing your sanity,
Then when you need it the most,
reality shakes the shit out of you and at that moment, insanity dissipates.

With time,the emotional turmoil comes to rest,
And you finally get the strength to gather all your pieces.
You learn to take each day with stride,
and to hold your head up high.

In a funny way, life forces you to acknowledge that your instincts are always right,
But most importantly, you slowly learn to invest deeply in yourself.

You know, it is always scary to tread on unfamiliar ground,
But you appreciate that you have broken free, and that no boundaries exist.

Your rigidity softens, but you are wiser and more alert,
You slowly begin to enjoy the little perks of being alive.

You learn to love the sound of silence,
You learn to sleep to the soothing sound of your heart beat.

Eventually, you sit in silence and smile,
Because of all the insanity that you had once embraced.

But mostly, you smile because all along you knew,
That if it smells, it ain’t good.


7 thoughts on ““IF IT SMELLS, IT AIN’T GOOD”

  1. Beautiful word play. The thing with this blog is that it takes a degree of wit and intelligence to process the pieces and grasp the writer’s dimension. Listen to Oberhofer’s gold, Abby, maybe he was talking about your blog. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

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